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Regional Commission for Europe

The Regional Commissions are bodies of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) established by decision of the World Assembly of Delegates of the OIE, to further the objectives of the OIE. To this extend, they propose adaptations of the OIE decisions, programmes, strategies, policies and activities of the Organisation in each region of the world, to ensure their implementation according to the conditions and needs of the Regions. Amongst others, they also contribute to strengthening the capacities of veterinary services and to the harmonisation of the sanitary regulations relating to trade in animals and animal products.

The Regional Commission for Europe was created to address the specific problems facing its Members in Europe and to organise the cooperation at the regional level. This Commission reports on its activities, and possibly also recommendations, to the World Assembly. The Regional Commission for Europe works closely with the OIE Regional and Sub-Regional Representations in the region.

The Regional Commission for Europe is composed of the OIE Delegates of the 53 Member Countries in the Region. It is governed by the Bureau renewed after elections in General Assembly every 3 years. The current Bureau for Europe was elected in May 2018 and partially renewed in May 2019, with the following composition:

Regional Core Group (RCG)

Operating under the OIE Bureau of the OIE regional Commission for Europe and its President, the Regional Core Group of the OIE Regional Commission for Europe, a group of dedicated OIE Delegates from selected Member Countries, acts on behalf of the all 53 countries of Europe. Its overall objective is to improve the countries’ participation in OIE activities in the region, in accordance with its Regional Work Plan framework adopted in May 2017 and updated in May 2019.

Regional conferences for Europe

The Regional Commission for Europe organises a Regional Conference every two years in one of the countries of the region. These Conferences are devoted to technical items and to regional cooperation in the control of animal diseases. Regional programmes may be developed to reinforce surveillance and control of major animal diseases.

The next Regional Conference for Europe, initially planned in the Sicilian town of Catania, in Italy, will be held on 9 and 10 November, by videoconference



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