Regional Core Group of the OIE Regional Commission for Europe

Presentation / objectives of the RCG

During the 27th Conference of the OIE regional Commission for Europe (Lisbon, Portugal, September 2016), the OIE Member Countries fully supported the ‘revitalisation’ of the Task-Force of the OIE regional Commission for Europe. The Task-Force was initially established following discussions held during the 25th Conference of the OIE regional Commission for Europe (Fleesensee, Germany, September 2012). However, with several changes of the Members of the Bureau, the dynamic of the Task-Force had faded out progressively.

The Task-Force was renamed ‘Regional Core Group’ at the meeting of the Regional Commission of May 2017 to mirror a similar initiative in Asia.

As already used to be the case of the Task-Force, the Regional Core Group aims to improve regional participation in the OIE standard setting process for selected chapters of particular interest to the region and proposes their adoption on behalf of the 53 OIE Member Countries of Europe during the OIE World Assemblies of Delegates. But the enlarged mandate of the Regional Core Group, as agreed in Lisbon, now also includes the preparation, implementation and monitoring of a regional strategic plan for Europe, in compliance with the 6th Strategic Plan of the OIE. 

Georgia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom were designated as members of the Task-Force at the conference of the Regional Commission in Lisbon, in September 2016. They were maintained as members when the Task-Force was renamed ‘Regional Core Group’, in May 2017. In May 2018, the Regional Commission, referring to the Terms of reference of the RCG, indicated that the countries forming the RCG are selected during the meetings of the Regional Commission, along with the election of the members of the Bureau. Given the good work conducted so far, the proposal was made to keep the composition of the RCG unchanged with the same selected countries.

 Governance of the RCG 

  • President of the regional Commission for Europe: Dr Maris Balodis
    (OIE Delegate of Latvia)
  • Bureau of the regional Commission for Europe: Latvia and Austria, Montenegro and Belarus
  • Members countries:
    • non-EU members (Georgia, Kazakhstan and Switzerland),
    • EU members (Spain and the United Kingdom),
    • European member of the OIE Council (The Netherlands and the Russian Federation)
  • Secretariat: OIE Regional Representation for Europe in Moscow
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